Several rumors have persisted around the Internet regarding the dangers of aluminum in deodorant, and while science has been able to prove a number of them false, there are several benefits of switching to best deodorant without aluminum.  Even though studies have been able to conclude that there is little chance of a link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum, there are certain things that should be established regarding these products.

For starters, just because it doesn’t cause Alzheimer’s or cancer, which many studies have been able to prove, doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.  An Internet campaign via e-mail established a link between certain diseases, namely breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum levels in the body and brain.  Most of the campaign was geared towards breast cancer in women from the use of aluminum-laden deodorants.  Scientific research has almost completely eliminated these potentials, but other dangers are found in the history of this product.

Finding best deodorant without aluminum is actually quite easy, since almost all deodorants, at least by themselves, lack this chemical substance.  Aluminum zirconium is the substance used in antiperspirant to help stop you from sweating, and since many modern deodorants function as a combination deodorant and antiperspirant, the combo will naturally have aluminum in it.  Most deodorants that do not provide sweat protection are normally safe, but make sure you read the ingredients before you apply.

The Benefits of Deodorant without Aluminum

While most people think the dangers of aluminum are diseases, there are several other concerns that should be expressed regarding deodorants that contain aluminum.  Skin irritation, high acidity levels, increased skin sensitivity, burns, and other skin problems can be directly linked to deodorant with aluminum.  As a product, deodorant was first marketed in 1888, but antiperspirant and deodorant combinations would not be marketed until 1941 when a safe antiperspirant could be invented.  Prior to 1941, there were issues with the level of aluminum in the product, which was known to eat through and damage clothing!  If the acidity level is so high in antiperspirants that it can eat through and damage clothing, do you really think it is good for your skin?  This product was not mastered by lowering or eliminating the level of acidity, but rather by adding other products to help counteract this high acid level.  If you notice a rashes, a red burn, skin blemishes, or severe irritation in your underarms, it is time to switch.

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