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How to Build an Insider Threat Program

What your company spent years to develop can be lost in an instant at the hands of one bad intentioned employee. The statistics on employee theft of intellectual property (IP) paint a dark portrait of what employees do when disgruntled, moving on, or stockpiling for a rainy day. William Evanina, the U.S. government’s National Counterintelligence Executive in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence says, “As a corporate leader, the single most important investment in protecting your proprietary information and sensitive trade secrets is developing a viable and enterprise-wide insider threat programs”.

To paraphrase the well-worn mantra on hacking and apply it to the pandemic of Insider Threat: There are two types of companies, those whose employees have already stolen IP, and those who simply don’t know it yet. No matter where your company is along its journey toward an effective insider threat program, success or failure is measured by the last harmful egress of research, formulas, algorithms, strategies, service manuals, or other critical business information (CBI). Whether your effort to detect, deter, and prevent CBI loss has become an industry model or is still a nascent vision, three common components can help build a new plan or help review and adapt a mature program.

Security professionals exploring insider threat fundamentals can take a lesson from first year journalism students. Budding reporters are trained to instinctively repeat basic questions designed to get to the truth, and three of those questions drive formation of all Insider Threat programs: “What?”; “Where?”; and, “Who?” Security leaders should make it their practice to ask these three questions of their staff, key partners, and operational components of their companies. What is it that most merits protection? Where is this most critical information located, physically and in cyber space? Who amongst us requires regular access to CBI?

As the past head of counterintelligence for the FBI, a former corporate security executive for one of the world’s largest companies, and now a risk management consultant, it no longer surprises me to hear new security professionals struggle to answer these basic questions. Security practitioners sometimes perpetuate the long-standing C-suite myth that “security’s got this” when it comes to everything from a missing gym bag to a missing gyroscope. The perception that someone, somewhere, must have already addressed, planned for, or is in the process of resolving the concern of the moment, provides comfort to our senior executives and job assurance for those of us in the profession. But the comfort is dangerous and the assurance is hollow. Rather, we should work to dispel the notion that security can or should protect everything. To do that, the savvy security executive endeavors to first identify and then deeply understand exactly what represents the future of the company, where it resides, and which employees have stewardship of this lifeblood. Done correctly, in partnership with key stakeholders including Human Resources (HR), Legal, IT Risk, and Engineering, Science or Business leaders, this approach provides laser-like focus on what really matters, shares ownership across components, and generates confidence in a process designed to protect against existential threats to jobs and share price.

Build Your Team

Successful implementation of insider threat programs hinge on assembling the right team. IP protection is a team sport and should not be carried out by one component alone. The team requires willful senior level participants who are convinced the time is right to defend the company against the threat from within. Leadership is often motivated to take this step by a crisis sparked by the loss or near loss of a trade secret at the hands of a departing or on-board employee or contractor. But waiting for such a crisis is not advisable. Gather data on losses suffered within your industry, supply chain, or customers. Talk to FBI corporate outreach contacts and ask for examples of economic espionage targeting your technologies. Talk to HR about where employees go when they depart and ask those employee’s former managers whether cumulative losses pose a concern.

insider threat programs

Meet one-on-one with a senior thought leader in Legal, IT Risk, HR, Business Development, or Research and ask them to partner with you to assemble a team and form an Insider Threat program. Next, meet unilaterally with each proposed team member to brief them on the threat and risk to proprietary data and seek their support to more strongly defend the company. In some non-defense corporate cultures, using the phrase “Insider Threat” can still generate privacy, trust, and culture concerns. In one large company, a security leader’s proposal to discuss such a program was met with this question from the head of HR, “Do you not think we should trust our employees?” The security leader responded, “I do, and I think we should have mechanisms in place to defend our trust.” Meeting first with each partner will allow you to listen to their concerns. Limit the team to five or six decision makers from key functions. When the team is assembled start asking the first of the Journalism 101 questions.


Whether a newly appointed security leader or seasoned veteran, the question at the heart of IP protection is, “What exactly are we protecting?” Responses provided by security and business leaders to this single question help measure the need for an Insider Threat initiative or the maturity of an existing program. Common responses from the security ranks include; “I’m protecting these buildings”, “I’m protecting this campus”, “I’m protecting people”. Even security professionals in large, sophisticated corporations frequently do not cite, “ideas”, “research”, “technologies”, or “critical employees”, when asked what they protect. Follow up questions on which campuses, buildings, or people are more critical than others are sometimes met with silence or criticism that the question implies some employees are more important than others. One long-tenured security leader responded by displaying his daily automated reports advising him which doors, hallways and offices were entered, but, he could neither articulate which company functions occurred there nor how his data was relevant.

Importantly, your team should pose the “What” question to key business leaders including the CEO, General Counsel, CFO, Supply Chain leader, Research or Engineering executives, Business Development or Sales heads, and corporate audit manager. Provide context by framing the question as an attempt to identify the small subset of proprietary information that would most damage the company if it fell into the wrong hands. Various formulas and thresholds can be customized to help guide this discussion and quantify the degree of damage to finances, share price and reputational risk.


Security professionals can only truly protect that which they know is there. Once CBI is identified, the team must learn where it resides, in both physical and cyber space. In large companies with thousands of employees and facilities, this question is more easily asked than answered. Yet, the answer is vital to learning how your CBI is exposed. One large company locating its CBI discovered a proprietary formula sitting in an open folder accessible by its entire employee population. Audit of the folder revealed that employees in high risk nations had visited the folder without any valid reason.

When countering the insider threat, the physical and the cyber security of CBI must be viewed as one holistic endeavor. The behavior of data and the behavior of humans are inextricably linked and the partnership between IT Risk and Physical Security should be seamless. Once aware that specific buildings, offices, or laboratories contain CBI, protocols and checklists for enhanced safeguarding can be drafted. This initiative counters more than just the internal threat. Upon learning the location of a sensitive manufacturing process one company found the process was part of a public tour route.


The seemingly simple “Who” question can generate more consternation than the previous two questions combined, particularly from your partners in HR and Labor & Employment Law. While answering the first two questions is often labor intensive, this last query raises issues of policy, organizational culture, and law. Companies may learn that some CBI is assigned to contractors, and the team must wrestle with the issue of whether people with less allegiance, and more transient tenure, should be entrusted with the firm’s future. Yet, identifying employees who require access to CBI is easy compared to planning how to relate to them. This discussion should include: standards for employees to receive and maintain CBI access; policies on travel and device security; enhanced computer monitoring; and, governance protocols for investigative response to suspicious conduct. Importantly, the approach to such vital and often singularly knowledgeable employees should be an inclusive one that views them as special stewards with more responsibility than the average employee.

If approached carelessly, insider threat plans can breed mistrust, alienate key employees, erode company culture, and even violate labor or privacy laws. But, a quality program can be a leader’s most important legacy, reaping tangible dividends in loss prevented, jobs saved, and relationships forged.

Originally posted in the Security Magazine

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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

There might be a time when you need to consider if you should either repair or replace your air conditioning unit. Usually, the cost of a repair will be substantially less than the cost of purchasing and installing a new unit. That seems like a pretty good basis for making the decision.

If you require a commercial refrigeration repairs Melbourne service, there is a provider with an excellent reputation that has been providing affordable services to residents, Everlasting Air. Not many of us have the luxury of being able to spend money whenever we want and so spending less is going to be the best option. But perhaps a decision for choosing to do repairs might not be that straightforward.

If you can be confident that investing in the repair will ensure that your system will return it to peak efficiency without the need for any future repairs, then it is money well spent. But if a few months later the compressor stops and then after that the pump motor stops, then you will be finding the maintenance costs increase.

So, it is worth having a look at a range of factors to help you clarify what is the correct decision. We have gathered together some tips to make it easier for you.

How Old is Your Air Conditioner?

The design of air conditioning systems has been through some major advances as we become more aware of environmental concerns and the need for energy efficiency. There are new air conditioners that are around double the efficiency of their older counterparts. In addition, the efficiency of your unit may be decreasing as it ages and the refrigeration system may no longer operate as effectively. With an older unit, you might notice that on hot days it has trouble coping and could be running constantly. This will also add to the power costs as it will be using more electricity to try to achieve the cooler temperature you are accustomed too.

If your unit is more than 10 years old, then it is probably a good time to consider making a change. If it is needing repair work, then it may be an excellent time to seriously assess buying a new unit. The new equipment will run more cheaply, be reliable, and come with a warranty. However, if your system is less than 10 years old and the repairs to be undertaken are not overly expensive then it is usually better to repair the system.

Your Current System Under Warranty?

If your air conditioner is still covered by a warranty then it should not be a problem to have repairs done under the warranty. This may mean that you will not have to pay for the repairs or you might only be paying for labour costs. For warranty air conditioning repairs, Cranbourne residents and those who live in the south-eastern region are able to use the services of Everlasting Air. But once your warranty expires it might be time to reconsider your arrangements. If you are close to the end of the warranty period have a look at the types of systems available and what would be suitable. This will help you in making future decisions about repairs.

Do You Need To Replace Parts Each Service?

If you have a regular servicing arrangement and you are finding that more regularly your air conditioner unit is starting to need parts replaced every time a service is done, this is usually a sign that your equipment is deteriorating. Some of these units were not advanced technology when they were built and their build quality was not particularly high so their life will be limited. If you can see a pattern starting to emerge and you are paying more for repairs, then speak to your technician about the potential for future problems to emerge. For advice on air conditioning repairs, Sunshine residents and those who live in the western suburbs have been able to rely on the technicians from Everlasting Air to provide quality, balanced and relevant information. There is the possibility that something major will fail and then you will not have an air conditioner and you will have to make the decision more quickly on whether to replace it.

What is the Overall Condition of Your System?

It is important to consider the condition of your unit as this may impact on how likely it is that you will need future repairs. If you know that regular maintenance and servicing has been done since it was purchased and that it is located in an environment where it will not be badly affected by weather, then it is less likely to have problems.

If a problem arises where repair work will be required, and the system is still functioning at optimum levels then it may be worthwhile having the repair work done and keeping the unit for longer. But if you notice that there are signs of damage and that there are some minor problems that are occurring regularly as a result of the age of the equipment then it could be time to consider changing your system.

If you have assessed the above elements and found that your system is no longer functioning at a level that will suit your needs, then it might be a good time to replace your system. If you do decide to purchase a new system, then there are some points that you should consider.


You need to choose an air conditioner that is the correct size for the space that you are cooling. You need to consider the design of the house it is to operate in and how energy efficient the property is. It will be a problem if it is not the correct size or powerful enough to cool your property properly. If it is too large, there will also be operating issues and you would have paid too much for a system that you are not going to be used efficiently.

Energy Efficiency

The star rating system shows how energy efficient the air conditioning system is. The more stars the more efficient. This means that if it is more efficient then it should be using less power than a system that is not as efficient. You may need to pay more money for a system that is more efficient than other systems and so you will have to balance out the benefits you will gain from improved energy efficiency savings that will reduce your expenses for electricity over time against the additional upfront costs you will be paying.


You may want a system that has a quieter compressor and fan. The noise of the compressor can be annoying particularly at night time when you want to sleep. This will usually mean that you are looking to have more advanced technology which will usually cost you extra.

Special Features

Different systems will offer you different features. You need to try to clarify before you start looking what you feel is vitally important for your enjoyment of, and satisfaction with, your air conditioning system. These might be simple things like a special sleep feature for the system when it operates at night. You might like to have a more effective filtration system for making sure the air stays very clean. You might prefer to have a system that will link electronically with your house management system so that you are able to program when it switches on or off, or make adjustments to the settings remotely so that your house will be cold when you get home from work.


Depending on when you buy your air conditioner, and the model that you decide to purchase, there may be better times during the year to make your purchase. Some companies will have sales of their products and there may be models that are being superseded that will be sold at discounted prices. It is important to remember that buying a model that does not match your output requirements because it is cheap may bring other long-term costs.

Installation and Servicing

Some companies offer deals where the installation and servicing are offered at discounted rates. It is important to read the details of these offers to make sure you fully understand what they mean, that they will meet your requirements and that there are no hidden costs.

As a result of introducing the new technology into your home, there will be some additional benefits that you should enjoy.

Reduced Operating Costs

Technology in the air conditioning industry has been developing rapidly as our understanding of science and engineering grows and computerized design systems develop. A new air conditioning unit will often far exceed the operating efficiency of a unit that was produced even just a few years ago. Energy efficiency has been a major factor as well, with the value of lowering electricity usage being an important factor for reducing environmental impact and lowering the operating cost for the consumer.

Improved Health

The new air conditioners have also been designed to improve air quality. They have advanced filtration that can remove a wide range of allergens from internal air. People with asthma will notice a big improvemen

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Why You Need AC Wholesalers For Parts & Installations

Do you need help finding the correct air conditioning parts and components in order to Ducted Heating Repairs Melbourne an air conditioning unit? While of course an air conditioning technician has to be qualified, they still need to have first rate air conditioning parts in order to do their work. Advance Heating and Cooling do not just provide AC Ducted Heating Installation and repair services, but we are also the best AC wholesalers in Sunshine and the surrounding area.

Our expertise will help your business

Not only do the team at Advance Heating and Cooling have expert knowledge on air conditioning parts and components, but we also have the professional contacts, the warehouse capacity to store all of our supplies, and technical knowledge in this field to assist our customers.

Many of our clients are tradespeople work in the building and construction industry, and when they are working on constructing new homes, offices, and other buildings, they often also install some sort of climate control system. Advance Heating and Cooling offer various high quality products from leading brands for fittings, heating and air conditioning parts and units, plumbing equipment, and much more, hat can be used for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications for both big and small jobs.

We keep in mind the individual needs of each customer and the specific requirements of their job, offering our customers solutions as well as products. The high quantity of products we receive from manufacturers allows our customers to save money when purchasing our top tier equipment. We are AC wholesalers supporting Sunshine-based tradespeople and keeping local businesses active.

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HTML5 Banner


This year will be a big year for digital display and banner production. Here are 4 trends to watch out for.

  • Responsive Display Advertising

90% of our web browsing is now done on mobile.  As we all know there are many different smart phone sizes and these all need to be catered for, so to help with this we can now use HTML5 responsive banners. HTML5 banner are used across a number of formats and scale to fit. much like modern websites and apps. The features of responsive ad formats were very limited last year due to do the complexity of making them work on every screen. However 2015 will make these banners much easier to make.

  • Battle for HTML5 ad platforms

As mentioned in the last part HTML5 banners can be tricky, but new HTML5 banner production services are battling to be become the market leader. Most banners used to be made in Adobe Flash, but the market was thrown open with removal of Flash from mobile phones. New services aiming to make HTML5 banners better include:

HTML5 Banner

These platforms although good do not allow as much customisation as allowed in Flash. Only time will tell which becomes the market leader. If you are looking for more customisation it’s possible to use Flash html5 export. Flash HTML5 export is good because it works on the majority of mobile devices.

  • Birth of the Rich Media HTML5 ads.

Flash banners used to be very rich and HTML5 has failed to deliver so far. However this will changed now and we expect only to see better ads built in HTML5.

  • Personalisation and dynamic data

We all know that personalisation is a big part of advertising. This year we’ll see an increase in geolocation, live data and social media stream integration. Advertisers are also seeing the benefit of using retargeting campaigns which allows users to see display ads once that they have left a particular site. The web will follow customers around!

If you need any help and advice about digital banner production please get in touch.

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Concrete Contractors at Calgary – Choosing the Best

Whether it’s a simple driveway upgrade, or it’s a more complex and major construction project you are planning, choosing the best concrete contractors Calgary can be a daunting task. You need assurance of excellence and satisfaction, as well as a pocket friendly budget for the whole project. Therefore, care should be taken before any contract is signed. Make sure to ask the right questions and have the overall picture of the expected result.

Find the best

When choosing the contractor to work with, there are a number of considerations you need to make. The most basic one is a portfolio. Does the contractor have other completed jobs that you can view? Do they have any references you can contact to verify? This helps you to get a feel of the kind of work they do. Before you even discuss any fine details about your project, you should have a look at a similar completed project by the same contractor. Ask them to show you or tell you some near place they have completed a job and head there to take a look. You may also need to ask to see the company’s license and proof of liability insurance just in case accidents occur.

Why use them?

Why would you want to use concrete contractors Calgary for your small or large projects? The reason is simple, really. Contractors are good cost estimators. Instead of doing a lot of guesswork estimates, a qualified concrete contractor will be able to give you an almost exact estimate. This is because they know all the materials that will be needed for the project. They also have experience with similar projects. On top of this, they are more up-to-date with the pricing of the materials in the market and they know where to get discounted prices for the same.

Concrete Contractors Calgary

Concrete Contractors Calgary

They are also professionals and will give you very good service. Unlike ordinary handyman services which may not be concrete oriented, concrete contractors Calgary are just that. They work with concrete all the time. This has enabled them to master this field of expertise.

They are also fast in implementation. Due to their experience and possession of suitable equipment’s, they are able to plan better on how to implement the construction project, and move fast and swiftly, through their expertise, to complete the job on time. They are well aware of where more time is needed and where little time is needed and so they will give you very good time estimates.

Where to get them

Armed with this information, it’s now time to pick your concrete contractor. So, where do you start your search? The fastest place is the Yellow pages.  Here, you will find the companies nearest to you and their contacts. You can also do a simple online search via search engines like Google. Word of mouth is also a very reliable one. Ask around from friends and family and also in your neighborhood for recommendations. These options are good starting points for you.

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Personal Trainer Richmond


Periodization is the principle of physical fitness that describes how your training program must always be varied in intensity, volume, and duration. In the short-term, and especially for novice trainees, doing the exact same workout every day may improve fitness. However, as weeks go on the trainee will inevitably experience boredom, overuse injury, and ultimately stagnation.

Personal Trainer Richmond

The Personal Trainer Richmond of periodization encourages variation; some workouts need to be long, some short. Some workouts need to involve resistance training, others don’t. Most workouts need to be moderately difficult, and only a few need to be blisteringly hard. This will ensure that your body stays healthy, your mind stays sharp, and all aspects of your fitness (e.g. body composition or fat loss, cardio, strength, flexibility) improve together.

The variation must not be random though. A very basic example of this would be to randomly program 2 weeks’ worth of pressing-focused workouts, followed by 2 weeks’ worth of bodyweight-focused workouts with no resistance band work. Inevitably, due to the poorly thought out month of training, muscles on the anterior side of the upper body would become hypertonic and mechanically tight, and shoulder pain and injury would arise. At Crux Fitness Gyms in Richmond BC, our trainers strive to intelligently design your workouts weeks, or even months in advance in order to bring up all aspects of your fitness while reducing chronic pain and improving energy levels. Periodization: mix it up to maximize your gains.

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The Myobrace System

What is a Myobrace System?

The Myobrace System is a no-braces treatment focusing on straightening of the teeth and jaws. It’s a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that pays special attention to the underlying causes of crooked teeth. This treatment involves the use of a series of removable intra-oral appliances that need to be worn for about 1 to 2 hours in the daytime and throughout while sleeping at night.

Myobrace system is ideal for aligning the teeth of the children between 3 to 15 years. The treatment focuses on correcting the poor myofunctional habits of the children to ensure perfect aligning of their teeth. The habits that usually lead to the problem of misalignment of teeth include breathing through the mouth, the incorrect resting position of the tongue, incorrect way of swallowing food, and more detailed conditions.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Incorrect habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and thumb sucking lead to problems like crowded teeth and inappropriate jaw development. As these habits can be easily spotted in childhood, treating them before the development of all the permanent teeth can assure a child perfectly aligned teeth, without the need of braces.

Myobrace involves dealing with these poor habits, ensuring the child develops the right size jaw and has sufficient space for their teeth to grow properly. With the use of various intra-oral appliances, the Myobrace System assists in correcting poor oral habits. These appliances need to be worn overnight as well for a few hours in the day. They apply light forces that align the teeth and jaws and expand the arch-form correctly.

The type of intra-oral appliance used for treating the problem depends on the age of the child and the type of orthodontic problem. Along with this, a patient education program named Myobrace Activities is utilised to rectify the myofunctional habits further. The child is expected to perform the Activities at least two times a day in conjunction with wearing the Myobrace appliance. Activities usually include various exercises of the tongue, lip and cheek.

What are the stages involved?

Myobrace treatment usually begins with correcting the poor myofunctional habits by using a combination of three or more appliances. These appliances help to rectify the causes of the problems and ensure the teeth grow perfectly aligned.

This treatment can be started as early as three and achieve optimal results. If started at the early age of 3 can give better results. This is mainly because the child is only just developing bad habits at this age, and so it becomes easy to correct them. However, if the treatment is commenced at an older age, then the child will require more time and effort to correct the already developed poor myofunctional habits.

Myobrace Treatment usually involves four stages:

Stage one

The first stage of the treatment is called the Habit Correction stage. This involves correcting the poor myofunctional habit that the patient has developed. The patient may be taught to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth or to rest the tongue in the right position or to swallow the food in the right manner and keep the lips closed when not eating or speaking. As these oral habits lead to the crooked growth of the teeth, rectifying them will help the child develop their jaws to the full size, allowing the teeth to grow straight and aligned.

Stage two

Stage two involves arch development to support habit correction in widening the upper jaw and creating enough space for the teeth and tongue. Children over the age of 7 years, having underdeveloped jaws may be advised to use various appliances and techniques with the Myobrace System.

Stage three

The third stage is known as the dental alignment stage. In this stage, you can expect the use of the Myobrace for Teens appliance to all on 4 implants Melbourne align the teeth perfectly. This is normally used when the last of the permanent teeth are erupting. The patient will have to wear the appliance every day for a few hours and overnight while sleeping. If the desired results are not achieved, unlikely though, the patient may have to take the next step and have a consultation for braces.

Stage four

The last stage known as the retention stage ensures the good oral habits are maintained, and there is no need for the patient to wear a permanent retainer for a longer duration.

What are the health benefits of Myobrace?

Myobrace treatment aims at aligning the teeth by improving bad oral habits like breathing from the mouth. Encouraging breathing from the nose does not just benefit the patient by aligning the teeth but also improves the overall health of the patient. Breathing through your mouth does not filter the air entering your throat and lungs, thus allowing germs and bacteria to enter your body. When a person breathes from the nose, the nose acts as a natural filter, thus restricting the germs and bacteria from entering the throat and lungs. Breathing from the nose decreases the chances of a person developing asthma and allergies.

Myobrace system includes all important education on oral health, for both children and parents, on the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet. As the children and their parents are taught and encouraged to eat nutrition-rich food, their overall health improves automatically.

Myobrace vs Traditional Braces

The installation of traditional braces may involve extraction of a tooth to make additional space in the jaw for perfectly fitting and aligning the remaining teeth. As far as Myobrace treatment is concerned, the patient does not have to undergo the painful process of tooth extraction.

Another major benefit of the Myobrace treatment is there are no wires or brackets involved. With traditional braces comes the discomfort of wires and brackets that can cut the interior of the mouth, thus making the patient highly uncomfortable for children.

Myobrace is considered to be a better treatment for aligning the teeth as compared to the traditional orthodontic practice of using braces as they offer perfect, long-term results by encouraging natural alignment. As the Myobrace treatment works on the underlying problem of misalignment of teeth, the results obtained are considered to be long lasting or permanent. As far as braces are concerned, the issue may be resolved temporarily as the teeth can relapse or crowd again if the patient does not wear a retainer.

Another problem with traditional braces is the self-conscious aspect that many people experience with braces. Braces can affect the look of a person, making some people conscious about it, in particular, children and young adults. As far as the Myobrace treatment is concerned, the appliance needs to be worn while sleeping at night or for just an hour or two during the day. So, there is no need to show the world you are working on your teeth alignment if you don’t want to.

Cost for Myobrace

The exact cost of the Myobrace treatment can be only determined after consulting ProSmiles for your customised consultation. As every case unique and trusted as such, there is no standard price for the treatment. The cost of the treatment depends on various aspects like the number of visits estimated, time taken to respond to the treatment and other individual variables. The treatment, if started at an early age will cost less as a child may require less time to respond to the treatment as compared to an adult.

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Barre-based exercise classes have become increasingly popular over the last few years. There are numerous reasons why people are drawn to this fun and effective workout. When you participate in a barre workout in Melbourne, you’ll enjoy improved physical and mental health – here are just a few of the ways barre classes can increase your overall fitness level.

Strength and Definition

In a barre class, you’ll work your thighs, targeting the muscles from all angles. Your front, outer, and inner thighs will become stronger and more defined. You’ll also work your abs, arms, and back, thoroughly strengthening every muscle group including muscles that are often underused. It’s truly a full-body workout that can make you stronger, more toned, and more defined from head to toe.


You don’t have to be flexible before you begin your barre classes in Melbourne, but you’ll no doubt find your flexibility improving as you continue to attend classes. The workout typically includes lots of stretching, so you’ll increase your overall range of motion and, as you become more flexible, your risk of injury will decrease. This stretching can also relieve tension and tightness in your muscles, making even everyday tasks such as bending over to tie your shoes easier. It also reduces stress and promotes relaxation and calm.


Many barre classes include specific movements such as isometric contractions and small isotonic movements. During an isometric contraction, you contract or tighten the muscle without changing its length. The plank position is an example of this type of exercise. Although you hold completely still, your muscles are getting a fantastic workout. These types of exercises are very effective to increase stamina and endurance.


When you work out with a body barre in Melbourne, your core muscles will be engaged throughout the class, even when you’re targeting other parts of your body such as your arms or legs. Weak core muscles are a common cause of back pain; strengthening these muscles can relieve or prevent back pain and allow you to stand and sit taller, putting less stress on your lower back throughout the day.

Mind-Body Connection

Taking part in Circuit Training Melbourne is a good way to enhance your mind-body connection. These classes challenge you to not only work out your body but also focus mentally on every movement and every muscle you’re working, improving your focus and your body awareness. If your mind wanders, your teacher can give you step-by-step instructions on positioning and alignment for a workout that will be both safe and efficient.


Melbourne-based studio Dance Dynamics offers barre classes and many other fun dance workouts. In our four convenient locations, we provide a unique dance and fitness experience. Our classes are suitable for all ages from 15 to 80 and all fitness levels. We also offer three membership options, so choose the right one for you and start learning to dance while you get into shape with Dance Dynamics.

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Worrying about Terrorism Security Services in Ukraine

The looming shadow of terrorism is pervasive. The recent suicide attack that targeted a music concert in Manchester, UK; the vehicle attack in London, UK, two months prior;  and compounded further by regular images across the media of marauding attacks in cities such as Paris and Berlin. These acts of extreme violence are perpetrated by individuals who embrace death as part of the objective of their actions. The very thought of this is no doubt extremely worrisome, but what are the chances of falling victim to terrorism? The simple answer: very small indeed.  Worrying about terrorism to the neglect of more prevalent threats, however, may actually increase your risk.

Business travelers quite often have irrational or misplaced fears that can lead them to not feel secure, when in fact they are, while conversely some often feel secure when abroad but are actually far from it. A significant number of travelers fear the risk of terrorism and, in doing so, neglect those risks that are statistically far more likely to kill or injure them.

“Security is two different things – it is a feeling and a reality. You can feel secure even if you are not and you can be secure even if you don’t feel it,” says security technologist Bruce Schneier.

Schneier further explains certain biases in risk perception:

Human beings tend to exaggerate spectacular and rare risks and downplay common risks.

  1. The unknown is perceived to be riskier than the familiar.

Why and how do these relate to business travel safety?

  • Bias #1: Human beings tend to exaggerate spectacular, rare risks and downplay common risks.

This has led to many people being overly focused on the risk of terrorism. In turn, business travelers and those responsible for the security of business travelers often neglect those threats that are statistically far more likely to kill or injure, such as road traffic incidents, crime and drowning.

What is most likely to kill you when traveling?

The U.S State Department maintains records of all registered deaths of U.S. citizens abroad. The details identify for the majority what they died of and where. The results may surprise you. See the two charts in the images above for details.

In Figure 2, it is interesting to note the correlation between deaths due to Terorism (Yellow) and that of deaths due to Pedestrian accidents (Orange).

  • Bias #2: The unknown is perceived to be riskier than the familiar.

Security Services Ukraine

Regular travelers to certain city or location may likely become complacent, especially if they have not been directly affected by any of the dangers or hazards that may be present. This is also referred to as “Boiling Frog Syndrome” – named from the phenomenon that a frog if put into boiling water will immediately jump out, but if you place the frog in cold water and slowly heat it up will stay in there and eventually boil to death.  Not an overly joyous image, but one that paints the picture accurately.

This complacency prevalent with certain travelers often leads to their safety and security decreasing whilst the chances of them being a victim to crime, or neglecting risks increasing. If our feelings match security reality – we make better trade offs.  To improve our personal Security Services Ukraine it is important to understand these two key biases.

“If it is in the news don’t worry about it, as by definition news is something that almost never happens,” says Bruce Schneier. The solution, therefore, is to know what the risks are – and obtain “Ground Truth.” This should involve research into your destination. What are the main dangers of the country or cities that you will be visiting?

Crime, natural disasters, health issues and political instability are all important factors to consider. Consider also specific and current issues such as date rape drugs being utilized in a tourist hotspot, or a spate of recent muggings in certain locations. Study the U.S. State Department website, or the equivalent travel advisory guidance of your country of origin.

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NVIDIA Jetson for Nova Rover Team

The Nova Rover Team at Monash University will be participating for the second time in the University Rover Challenge held in early June this year. The competition comprises of four different missions, simulating different tasks a rover would have to accomplish when on the surface of Mars – traversing extreme terrain, manipulating tools with a dexterous robotic arm, analysing soil samples for signs of life, and autonomous navigation to different given locations. To this degree, teams are required to design and construct a robust rover under weight and budget constraints which will be able to find innovative solutions to these complex problems.

In their first year of participation among 35 other teams, Nova Rover was the only team from the Southern Hemisphere to compete, and they accomplished a placement of 14th in the world, with a perfect score in the science component. After learning from past successes and failures, the team have completely revamped their rover design for this competition cycle, and are now using the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 development kit – kindly provided by XENON – as the brains of their rover. This is a more powerful CPU than what was previously used, allowing for much faster computing speeds which will enhance the rover’s performance past its previous limits in pathfinding algorithms. In particular, the GPU, computer vision and deep learning capabilities of the Jetson will be used in the autonomous mission of the competition, where a neural network will be deployed to accurately detect and identify objects in the field.

All in all, the Nova Rover team is extremely excited to compete this year and are aiming for success with their much improved rover.

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