Want to Increase traffic? Links? Need more conversions? What business worth their digital footprint wouldn’t? A search engine optimization (SEO) trifecta, these elements when combined with SEO-friendly content are fundamental in engaging high-quality links and the marketing panacea that is organic traffic.

Are you in a niche industry? Find it challenging to brainstorm conversion friendly content ideas? For thought-hungry marketers and businesses in need of outreach, keeping abreast of trending topics in your domain will empower you with the information to develop infinitely clickable, shareable and linkable content. “You have a very high probability of your quote and your name being distributed, posted, and shared around the world!” ― Ken Poirot, Go Viral! Let’s consider ways to build links and attract persona focused traffic to your website. Relevancy is key!

Viral Bound Content

Are you often late to the content party? Repurposing syndicated articles two weeks after the wave has passed will find your content fatigued on page four of search. Positioning yourself one step ahead of industry trends by leveraging content and using topic harvesting tools will see your content viral bound in no time. Those tools include:

Google Trends

Probe Google [https://www.google.com.au/] data to determine the popularity of top search queries and subject matter in your industry niche. Check out how often specific keywords, phrases and topics have been searched and arm yourself with the knowledge to ride the trending topic wave.


A social networking behemoth, Facebook while innocuously bridging social gaps between friends and family and providing a platform for communication and advocacy, it is also ripe for the harvesting of ideas. For trending subject matter, make use of popular hashtags related to your niche, check out Facebook groups to see what your demographic is discussing and stay across your newsfeed for current events and dialogue.


If it’s not tweetable, it’s not trending! A veritable hub of opinion contained within 280 characters, it is a fluid feed of all that is current, from social commentary, current affairs, celebrity news and an infinite pool of global news. Focus on the ‘trends for you’ and ‘moments’ section and search using popular hashtags to see what topics are dominating the discussion.


Often overlooked as a news source, Reddit is bursting with a million communities (subreddits) that showcase an ever-moving feed of breaking news, social news aggregation, stories, memes and trending discussions. Subreddits offer a deluge of niche subject matter analysis and debate and are ideal as a content development source, particularly in the SEO and business arenas.

Discovering Content Gap Opportunities

You’ve done your due diligence and have an informed understanding of what is trending in your niche area. Developing and creating persuasive and engaging content is now your focus.

Of course, you could search existing articles in your area and develop spin-off content, however, establishing authority will prove elusive with this approach. It is time for creativity and a dash of innovation.

Let’s talk brand. What is your brand message and who is your audience? If we begin from this juncture, recognizing content opportunities will be effortless. Before you search, ask yourself:

  1. Are there obvious gaps in the content currently being offered? Have news outlets, social platforms and websites covered all angles? Can I provide a different, original take on a current issue?
  2. What currently holds the interest of my audience? Have you surveyed your audience? Are there topics of interest being overlooked? Create content to fit their needs. Answer their questions.
  3. Monitor your competitors, what are they talking about? If your competitors are covering an issue, ask yourself is it relevant to my audience? If so, it’s a good indication you should too. Always ensure your content is original…and optimized.
  4. What type of content is trend-defiant? Is there a style of content that performs well regardless of trending topics? Discover how to replicate your ‘evergreen’ content by incorporating a contemporary twist.
  5. Are you across the most linkable content in your industry space? Time for research. Search your keywords, long-tail and phrases and explore the articles or content types that have performed well online. Check out the links, are they high-quality? Can you analyses the strategy and format?

Develop Shareable, Linkable Content 

Strategising content from the embers of trending topics offers a low risk, high reward outcome. In securing high-quality links and boosting traffic consider:


While the Blog Writing Services reigns supreme for its authoritative voice, ensure your content is offered in the most digestible format. Would an info graphic engage your demographic, perhaps a lattice? Meme? Get creative. 



We consume news and trends with ferocity, seeking instant gratification and knowledge. Ensure your message and the action you want the reader to take is clear and to the point. The quicker the consumption, the faster the share.


As marketers, we often go granular with audience, however, when the focus is on links and traffic, expand the audience. Leave the intensive tailoring for direct ROI content pieces. The end goal is to develop and position your content so that is thrown into the viral pool, landing on various platforms and shared with abandonment.


2018 has seen the importance of visual content continue to dominate the digital space. Statistics show that our reliance on social platforms determines how we digest content. Over 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social marketing with video accounting for 63% edging out blogging at 60%. Images and videos will up the engagement and share ability factor. Delivery channels and your audience widen as your content resonates with visitors who prefer formats other than text.


Do you speak SEO? The pursuit of traffic and links demands search engine optimization. Collaborate with a content marketer to ensure your copy follows SEO best practice. Our objective is to secure quality links and marketing across social channels in a short period of time.

Is your content optimized for sharing? Ensure the share buttons are easily accessible across your website and content platforms. Use conversion rate optimization call to actions across your titles, and descriptions and include featured images for your posts. Make it easy for visitors to share your content across social in a single swipe.


Be strategic with your content placement. Distribution is key to being found amongst the social chatter. Posting a blog on Facebook in isolation is unlikely to result in links and increased traffic. A content strategy is crucial as an overarching approach to your content distribution, however, to begin the delivery journey why not:

  1. Go live on Facebook discussing the topic from your business page
  2. Convert text-based content into a video with voiceover
  3. Share the images from your content to your Instagram story
  4. Do an email shout out linking your content (blog, e-book etc.)
  5. Distribute your content in niche-orientated Facebook groups and Reddit subs
  6. Run a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign
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