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Brass stair rods in antique and decorative deigns; elegant Zoroufy stair rods to hold runners and Transitional area rugs in place; stair rod brackets and the supplies you need to accent your stairway carpets at affordable prices – we recommend the best products stair rod products in the US.

Stair rods hold your stairway carpets in place and add a decorative final touch. The most popular brass stair rods in the US can be found through online shops like Stair Crazy. For stair rods US residents can have delivered easily and quickly there are also online options like Stairrods US where a wide selection of designs are available. Let’s look first at the products available in the US.

Brass Stair Rods in The USA by Stair Crazy

Woburn is a name you can keep in mind because their stair rods are solid brass. They are sold in 3 different widths and have 7 different finishes and 3 bracket options. All the sets are sold complete with rods, brackets, screws and finials. Choose between solid rods, hollow rods, triangular rods and clips.

Another brand name to keep in mind is Akeman, which also have solid brass stair rod designs with hand turned finials. You can select from 4 widths, 6 bracket styles and 8 different finishes.

The first is the ball stair rod, the second is called the beacon design, the third is the castle design and the forth is the oval solid brass stair rod. The fifth end design is a turret style, and there is also a finial available in the antique brass stair rods collection by Akeman.

Homepride Stair Rods are a hollow design, but also have brass finishes as well as gold, silver and antique models. Homepride are very cheap stair rods which are made from 12mm aluminium tubes and come in standard 36″ lengths that can be altered by cutting either at the time you order or by the professionals who will install the carpets and rods.

Transitional area rug

Another option that is very decorative, are the Royale stair rods that are triangular and made from hollow brass.

The most popular design is the Beaumont which has a decorative runner and ending, and is available in 7 different finishes, including a very elegant lacquered antique brass stair rod that is ideal for plush antique style carpets and will accent wood or marble flooring that may show along the sides of the carpet or stair runner.

Another beautiful option, instead of full rods, is the stair clip, which can be had in the Victorian style that is solid brass with a variety of finishes, including antique pewter and black wrought iron. These antique brass stair rods can be a final touch that gives a wooden stairway a classy accent, or may even be used to accent a rustic country cabin theme. They are very versatile and affordable, and easy to install.

If you have a modern designed home with a crisp white or grey or even black carpet that’s a minimalist design, these clips are just the thing, and since they come in what appear to be white and chrome stair rods collections, they can be modern elegant without necessarily having a total antique look.

Zoroufy Stair Rods

Some of the most famous stair rods are crafted by Zoroufy. Their neest collection is called Stair Jewel™ , which is a high-end line that has intricately carved motifs and a patented interlocking bracket for a smooth clean-line style without ugly screws that show. They have four basic styles called the ball the acorn, the urn and a pineapple style. They are all solid polished brass stair runner rods of the finest quality.

About Zoroufy

Zoroufy has been creating decorative stair rods and improving the design of stair rod brackets since 1970 due to Hassan Zoroufy who was first a fine oriental Transitional area rug and tapestry trader. However, in the 80’s, wall to wall carpet and stair runners became popular and therefore the Persian and oriental carpets needed to be fixed in place by stair rods and stair clips that would accent the excellent carpets.

The fine designs that were innovated became very popular and Zoroufy began delivering stair carpet rods to many retailers n the floor covering world and soon expanded to offer products not only in the USA, but in Canada and even to the European market. The Zoroufy stair rods are of the finest quality, used in elegant homes as well as hotels and other commercial settings.

Stair Rods US

In the US, one of the places to get chrome stair rods and antique brass designs, as well as cheap stair rods for a limited budget, is Stairrods US. They offer all the best brands and styles like Royale, which has the triangular styles called Eastern and Promise which are thick hollow stair rods that are very ornate finials and may be suited for grand staircases. They also have the Premier line which is a solid traditional country range with machined finials, or the Vision line that is contemporary including crystal tipped stair rods that come in 7 different finishes.

If you need antique designs the Tudor and the Blacksmith collections are ideal. The beautiful Blacksmith line is all hand beaten rustic and may be ordered in 3 different finial accents.

They also carry the cheap Homepride hollow stair rods that come in different finishes for those who are on a very limited budge.

For those who want to order the Victorian stair clips in the US, there are the solid brass Stargrip and the aluminium clips.

For information on carpet underlay in the US, and for ideas on where to buy large Transitional area rugs, runners, Persian and oriental carpets and even wool area Transitional area rugs or the popular shaggy shag Transitional area rug and zebra styles, please continue browsing our related topics.

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