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Here’s how I made my DIY Craft Projects save the date invitation envelopes. They cost just a couple dollars to make for a stack of 50 of them and took two days; one night in front of the TV tracing the template and cutting them out and another night folding and sticking them together.

How to make your own wedding invitation envelopes:

diy craft projects

Copy the template and adjust it to size on Word or Publisher before printing it out. I made my envelopes to fit standard postage proportions in USA. Do your research and resist the temptation to make funny sized envelopes – it may cost you double in postage or worse, they may get stuck in the post office machinery and never arrive.

Trace the template onto your desired paper. To test the thickness put your invite behind a sheet of the paper and hold it up to a window (during the day!) and see if you can see through the paper. You may need to wrap the invite in a sheet of plain white paper if the enevelope is too see through.

  • Cut out the template and fold in the tabs at the bottom, apply a paper glue stick (non-acid) or double-sided tape (less forgiving if you stick it down wrong though) and stick the tabs to the front of the envelope.
  • Fold down the top of the envelope and seal with a flat sticker, seal or even a temporary tattoo (stick the flap down with double sided tape first though).
  • Another cunning idea is to make your own stickers using laser printer labels and designing them on Publisher. You could add a little message or an image of the two of you too. Much cheaper than personalised stamps.
  • Print or handwrite addresses onto printer-friendly address labels and stick to the front of the envelope and stamp your return address on the front top left or on the back (check your local post office for guidelines). Skip the calligraphy font for the addresses – easy to read is best for reliable postage!

A note about return address stamps

If you don’t have an address stamp buy one now – it will save you a TON of effort once you do engagement party invites, save the dates, wedding invites, shower invites and thank-you notes. You can get laser cut stamps which are cheap ($10-$20) and only take an hour or so but are disposable or you can get rubber stamps (about $2-$20) and when you move house you can pull the stereo (the stamp pattern bit) off and get a new stereo made instead of a whole new stamp. If you’r stationer is clever they can also put a simple black and white jpeg file image onto your stamp too. On the bright side it’s one of the few things you’ll buy for the wedding that you may actually use again…

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