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When one plans to create an online mall, Shopify frequently comes by as the default choice. Even while Shopify is more expensive as compared to several of its competitors, start-ups and entrepreneurs are invariably drawn towards Shopify.

Shopify offers a range of advantages over its competitors as an eCommerce platform. It is more flexible and easier to manage, right from the very beginning. Shopify is scalable as well, and correspondingly a more feasible solution which lasts as your business grows.

Overall, Shopify is value for money. It boosts conversion rates and results in higher ROIs. The robust admin panel is easier to manage for people from a non-technical background. To get started with, you’d need to hire a Shopify experts who will design your store in just the way desired and prime it for success.

Why do I require the services of a Expert?


Numerous business owners have the opinion that it is easy for them to create a Shopify store for themselves, with the tools available. They can then make a payment and host the store using one of the plans available.

This is possible. But letting a Shopify expert work over your Shopify store for you is the best way out.

On the other hand, if a business owner is planning to create a Shopify store for himself, he would require sound technical knowledge for the same.

It is hence a common practice for start-ups and entrepreneurs to hire Shopify developer to create an online store for their businesses. Services of a Shopify expert ensure that your web mall has a trending storefront and aesthetic service pages. The functionality stays flawless. The responsive online mall loads quicker and is a high performer over SEO parameters.

Shopify SEO brings SEO value for your online mall but a Shopify expert can do more for the SEO, depending upon the unique market positioning of your store. Similarly, the services of a Shopify expert will result in an enhanced branding for your store.

How much would I spend on hiring a Expert?

Calculating the cumulative charges involved

Before going ahead with a Shopify plan, a business owner should have an idea about the total expenses that he’d be incurring for creating a Shopify store.

One can buy any of the three Shopify plans available and make a selection based upon his requirements and budget. Then, one buys a domain name for his online mall. A business email and paid apps are optional purchases. Some free apps are available as well, besides paid apps. Another potential investment over your Shopify store will be a paid Shopify theme.

Factors that render an influence over the costs incurred

Several factors define the costs associated with hiring a Shopify Expert. They include the kind of the store, and the sections, functionalities, and features that it will have.

When a Shopify expert does more work over your Shopify store, he charges you more. Similarly, Shopify experts who have elaborate work experience will charge you more as compared to Shopify experts who have only a year or a few months of experience.

For a large scale store, it is preferable to hire experienced Shopify Experts.

A generic blueprint of the costs included

As a generic estimate, you are likely to spend $500 over hiring a Shopify expert and developing your store in entirety.

In case you want a very basic store with limited features, it is okay to hire shopify developer on an hourly basis. The work will cost you between $100 to $250, and creating the store won’t take over a couple of days to accomplish. Most of the building tools required are available at Shopify building tools.

Creating a store over a medium scale will cost you between $300 and $600. Similarly, expert development will cost you between $700 and $1000.

We are the preferred agency for Shopify store development and you can hire Shopify experts from us. We create basic and complex Shopify stores across domains and rework your existing Shopify stores. Our detailed know-how of Shopify helps us create winning stores, time, and again. They are high performers on SEO parameters, load fast, and attract the right kind of consumer cross-section demographics. The stores are the perfect amalgamation between aesthetics and functionality.

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