Many denture wearers are discouraged by the look and feel of their traditional or economy dentures they have tried in the past. Matrix Dental Denture Clinic is custom made just for you. Matrix Dental Denture Clinic utilizes a neuromuscular approach to fabricate your new custom dentures, so they integrate with your jaw, bite, and facial muscles. The result is a functional and stable smile that will make you feel and look 20 years younger.

Our Columbus Denture Options

Everyone is unique, which is why we offer a variety of tooth-loss solutions.

Matrix Dental Denture Clinic will take your denture experience to the next level. Your cosmetic makeover dentures are created just for you, based on a combination of aesthetic and neuromuscular evaluations. It typically takes four appointments to receive your new Partial Dentures Hoppers Crossing; however, they are well worth the wait.

The basis of neuromuscular treatment lies in achieving and maintaining optimum muscle relaxation and function. By achieving this, we are able to provide you with dentures that are stable, compensate for bone loss and will let you smile beautifully again.


  • Precise control on the aesthetics of your denture
  • Compensates for bone loss in the jaw
  • Helps fill in lip form
  • Premium cosmetic teeth and custom gingival color for vibrancy and youth
  • Custom fit for optimum stability and comfort

Partial Denture Bridges

If you are missing only one or a few teeth, partial denture or a bridge may be the solution for you. Partial dentures sit over your gums and attach to the surrounding teeth. They are removable, just like traditional dentures. Dental bridges are very similar to partials; however they are securely fixed to your surrounding teeth, allowing for more stability.

Implant Retained Dentures

For a more accurate and secure fitting denture, we recommend implant retained cosmetic makeover dentures. A titanium implant is placed and assimilated to your jawbone, providing structure and stability in place of a missing tooth root. Your denture will attach to your implants, creating a secure and no-slip fit.

Single Arch Dentures

We do everything we can to help our patients keep their teeth for life. Sometimes we are able to restore your natural teeth on either the top or bottom arch, and create cosmetic dentures for the other.

Look and feel healthier and younger.

That is our goal for our Columbus cosmetic makeover denture guests. Matrix Dental Denture Clinic takes extra time to get to know you as an individual, so she can recommend the best treatment plan for your needs and goals. Because everyone is unique, we offer a variety of tooth-loss solutions.

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