Barre-based exercise classes have become increasingly popular over the last few years. There are numerous reasons why people are drawn to this fun and effective workout. When you participate in a barre workout in Melbourne, you’ll enjoy improved physical and mental health – here are just a few of the ways barre classes can increase your overall fitness level.

Strength and Definition

In a barre class, you’ll work your thighs, targeting the muscles from all angles. Your front, outer, and inner thighs will become stronger and more defined. You’ll also work your abs, arms, and back, thoroughly strengthening every muscle group including muscles that are often underused. It’s truly a full-body workout that can make you stronger, more toned, and more defined from head to toe.


You don’t have to be flexible before you begin your barre classes in Melbourne, but you’ll no doubt find your flexibility improving as you continue to attend classes. The workout typically includes lots of stretching, so you’ll increase your overall range of motion and, as you become more flexible, your risk of injury will decrease. This stretching can also relieve tension and tightness in your muscles, making even everyday tasks such as bending over to tie your shoes easier. It also reduces stress and promotes relaxation and calm.


Many barre classes include specific movements such as isometric contractions and small isotonic movements. During an isometric contraction, you contract or tighten the muscle without changing its length. The plank position is an example of this type of exercise. Although you hold completely still, your muscles are getting a fantastic workout. These types of exercises are very effective to increase stamina and endurance.


When you work out with a body barre in Melbourne, your core muscles will be engaged throughout the class, even when you’re targeting other parts of your body such as your arms or legs. Weak core muscles are a common cause of back pain; strengthening these muscles can relieve or prevent back pain and allow you to stand and sit taller, putting less stress on your lower back throughout the day.

Mind-Body Connection

Taking part in Circuit Training Melbourne is a good way to enhance your mind-body connection. These classes challenge you to not only work out your body but also focus mentally on every movement and every muscle you’re working, improving your focus and your body awareness. If your mind wanders, your teacher can give you step-by-step instructions on positioning and alignment for a workout that will be both safe and efficient.


Melbourne-based studio Dance Dynamics offers barre classes and many other fun dance workouts. In our four convenient locations, we provide a unique dance and fitness experience. Our classes are suitable for all ages from 15 to 80 and all fitness levels. We also offer three membership options, so choose the right one for you and start learning to dance while you get into shape with Dance Dynamics.

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