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PHP Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for web development. It offers a range of prime advantages, such as a scalable and credible code, powerful extending capacities with the use of multiple bundles or modules, a rapid institution, and a rapid turnover.

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Market Share Of Laravel PHP Framework

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PHP Laravel comes with a range of advantages over other PHP frameworks. It is open source and entirely free. This makes it a preferred option for making customizations or adding new packages or functionalities.

Interest in Laravel has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2019 and is rising at an unprecedented rate. It is the market leader among other frameworks, such as Yii, CakePHP, and Codeigniter.

Laravel Usage Statistics

A total of 1,372 sites in India are created using Laravel. Of the top 1 million websites in the world, 8,432 or 0.84% are created using Laravel.

Laravel is used across a variety of domains. Computers, Electronics, and technology are one field where it is frequently used. 3.66% of all websites in the field are created using Laravel.

A few of the other domains wherein PHP Laravel is frequently used include Arts & Entertainment, Science & Education and Business & Customer Service.

Let Us Take A Look At The Top 8 Features That Make PHP Laravel Framework The Best:

Template Engine

PHP Laravel is recognized for its inbuilt lightweight templates. Dynamic content seeding helps create amazing layouts with distinctive sections. CSS and JS codes can be incorporated within solid structures using widgets. For Laravel website development services, Cyblance is the preferred vendor.


Artisan is an in-built PHP Laravel tool that performs the most of repetitive and tedious programming tasks. Artisan can also be interlaced to generate the basic MVC files or help developers create their own commands. You can hire Laravel offshore developer from Cyblance.

Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

Within the PHP Laravel framework, Eloquent ORM is available. It includes a simple PHP Active Record implementation. The need to write SQL code is done away with. Database queries can be issued using PHP syntax. ORM is faster compared to all PHP frameworks.

Libraries & Modular

Object-oriented libraries and other pre-installed libraries make PHP Laravel popular. Moreover, Laravel is segregated into individual modules. This simplifies making modular, responsive and handy web apps. Cyblance is the preferred avenue for top Laravel web application development services.

MVC Architecture Support

MVC pattern of PHP Laravel has multiple in-built functions to enhance documentation and performance. A senior PHP Laravel developer at Cyblance simplifies Laravel service.

Migration System For Databases

PHP Larval migration system enables the expansion of the database of a web application to mitigate the risk of losing data. You can hire Laravel programmers from Cyblance.

Unit Testing

PHP Laravel makes it easier to write unit tests over its code. This ensures that changes made by programmers are consistent with the web application.


Web application security is taken care of within the PHP Laravel framework, with the use of hashtags, salted passwords, and the Bcrypt Hashtag Algorithm.


The features as mentioned make PHP Laravel an excellent PHP framework which is frequently preferred for web development. A prime characteristic associated with PHP Laravel is its unique architecture. Developers create an infrastructure, designed for their application in particular.

A number of business websites are hence created PHP Laravel. Cyblance is a prime resource for Laravel website development services and Laravel web application development services, with specialization over the Laravel framework.

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