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WordPress has been immensely popular since its inception due to its simplicity, user-friendliness, a bundle of useful plugins and themes. Sometimes the open source which looks very simpler to manage also giving some sort of weird or annoying errors, which cause a frustrating experience with this most popular CMS. In this article, we are covering most common still annoying errors and its solution in WordPress.

White screen:

White Screen

Many times you found a simple white screen or blank is screen emerged in your WordPress website suddenly with surprise. WordPress community given a special title to this, they referred this to WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD).

The major problems behind this issue would either any plugin might be conflicting with each other. First, you need to disable all plugins, after activating one by one to identify the exact plugin which causes the error. With the help of WordPress website developer or companies, you can check the logs and identify the exact error of the plugin.

If the plugin is not creating any issue, then it might be a problem with from theme side, in such circumstances, you need to deactivate them and reactive default WordPress theme, using the help of WordPress expert, you need to check the logs to isolate the exact issue which caused the problem.

Database connection failed

Database connection failed

This is a common error that emerges if the database connection string is not properly written.

In this situation, you just need to make sure, hostname, username, password and database name is correctly written and there is no typo there.

You need to look for the wp-config.php files for the correction.

Internal Server error

Internal Server error

This error is sometimes very annoying in case of even for the experienced WordPress expert because the debugging process is here long and needs to check various aspects.

The first reason for this error is not properly set up the .htaccess file or some syntax error in .htaccess file. Make sure this file is properly placed and all syntax is accurately written. If you find it’s more complicated than you can just rename the .htacecss file to like .htaccess_old , go to settings(under Admin), make sure to reset the permalinks, it will automatically recreate the .htaccess file, which may solve the issue.

The second possibility might be due to plugin conflict, it may create this error. For this, deactivate all plugins, after that go-ahead to activate one by one plugin to identify the problematic plugin. Try to fix the error with the help of an expert WordPress website developer.

The third reason will be a theme like a plugin, the issue might be due to the theme. You need to apply the same process for the theme which is explained in white screen topic.

Still, problems remain unsolved then you need to reinstall fresh WordPress and try to transfer themes and plugin over there to save time. Still, you want to see errors which caused the problem, then try to consult the experienced WordPress website developer or hosting company. 

Maintenance mode following with upgrade

Maintenance mode

Sometimes you see this weird message on your screen “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Please check back in a minute.” This means post-upgrade process, the ‘.maintenance’ file is there, due to the fact that it’s showing this message.

To solve this, you just need to connect with FTP and remove the ‘.maintenance’ file manually. 

Unexpected behavior of the website thanks to poor hosting services

Sometimes you see the website behaving improperly, pages taking ages to load or website speed up or down, the website broke suddenly or some time you can see database error. This might be the hosting server’s service is temporarily off or might be due to some code the hosting company switched off your service. 

In that case, you need to consult the hosting first and complain about the issue, 90% of cases they might be able to help you or in case if they aren’t able to help, they will advise some steps, in that case, with the help of your dedicated WordPress website developer you would be able to solve the problem.

Compromised website blacklisted by Google

website blacklisted by Google

You may get shocked and surprised to find that your website is blacklisted by Google and it’s showing below red screens when someone visits the website.

Don’t panic in such circumstances. This means the website might have some sort of spamming code which may be injected due to security outrage which may be a risk to the visitors so Google temporarily blocked it.

First, you need to isolate the code which creates trouble with the help of your WordPress website developer or hosting company and can also give the list of compromising files.

Repair the code and reinstall the WordPress plugin and theme if required.

Claim your website authority using Google webmaster tool, after that you can submit a review for your website to Google team for unblocking using Google webmaster tool.

Changes are not reflected in the website:

This is a case when you are updating content or making changes but it’s not reflected in the front end, which strikes me as very surprising and you might be wondering about some glitch in the website.

This is due to a caching mechanism, make your browser cache clear first or check if any plugin might be caching the website, it might be installed due to improving the performance. You can manually clear the cache through the plugin you would see the changes are reflected.


WordPress is very easy to use, but it’s full of some weird problems or errors. We have just covered very few but the list is long. The best way to deal with this, hire an expert WordPress website developer company like Cyblance for a maintenance contract, in which they do regular health check-up for your website, upgrade the plugin, website version and make sure everything is in place for hassle-free website execution.

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