Things to check when buying Bison meat

Bison is known for living in the plain field of North America and Canada for thousands of years. Today, you may not think about buying bison meat, but way back, it was the staple food choice of the indigenous people.

However, due to the large-scale farming of cows and buffalo, people are now switched to consuming beef. However, the recent trend shows the people are turning back to the rich protein source, the wild bison meat, once again.

Bison meat is more nutritious than beef and is much leaner. So, if you too want to try some good bison meat. You can Google for “bison meat near me” and find many stores offering quality meat.

However, the bison meat is not available as easily as the beef. Therefore, you may not know the factor that determines the excellent quality of bison meat. Therefore, we would like to tell you some tips to follow when buying bison meat at your nearby store.

Tips for Buying Quality

You can find the bison meat store by searching for “bison meat near me”. However, buying quality meat is an art. Here is the thing that you need to check to master the art of buying quality red meat.

Look for the right cut

The cut means the meat portion from different parts of the animal. Usually, in bison, the lean and good meat comes from the loin, rib, and rump. The meat from this part is tender, dry, and leaner. Moreover, the good meat from the back will be available in small portions, as meat from the backside is in high demand and more expensive.

Buying a good cut is necessary, as it cooks faster, and the meat is more chewy and tasty. Moreover, you can preserve the meat for more duration.

Check the smell

The smell is the best way to distinguish between fresh and spoiled meat. If the meat in any way gives off a pungent smell, you need to stay away from the meat. It could be possible that meat started to rot.

Meat texture

Bison meat possesses a similar texture to beef. It should be firm, dense, and dry. However, the cut can be leaner, as the fat in the bison meat is much less than the beef. When looking at the texture of bison meat, you need to see the muscle fibers.

The muscle fibers of fresh and quality meat are tightly packed and uniform. If you feel the meat is falling apart, it could mean you are looking at poor-quality meat.



Check the sell-by date

The sell-by-date gives more insight into the quality of meat. The manufacturers include the date on the packaging to tell the bison meat or any other meat is at optimum freshness until the specific date. You can consume the meat even after the sell-by-date, but the quality of meat declines after this date.

So, if you are looking to make the meat after some days, then make sure to check the sell-by date. That way, you can be assured of not spoiling the meat when you keep it in the fridge for a few days.

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