Why Do You Need Interpreter?

A lot of people confuse an interpreter with a translator; however, their jobs are very different. A translator’s job is limited to written content, whereas an interpreter converts spoken content from one language to another. This is mostly used in political conferences between countries or in business meetings when an entrepreneur is expanding his business to a foreign country. 

For a business to succeed globally, it is essential for its message to reach a massive audience. That is only possible if the company hires the best translators and interpreters to spread its message. While both jobs require a completely different skill set, they both need to be well-learned about a nation’s culture and linguistics. Otherwise, all the efforts can go in vain. 

If you think you are bilingual and you can easily take up this job without any professional experience or education, you are highly wrong. Only a professional can do these jobs as they require high precision and accuracy.

Here are six reasons why you need a professional interpreter:

Greater audience reach:

This is, without a doubt, one of the most noticeable and concrete factors. When holding an event with simultaneous interpretation, the number of people interested in participating is considerably higher. 

For the audience, the opportunity to understand what will be said is attractive, while the certainty of not understanding is discouraging. People know their understanding of the subject is respected in the event, which is why they take greater interest. 

Return on investment:

Return on investment

Enabling participants to understand through simultaneous translation, the investment in hiring and expenses (accommodation, transportation, among others) of international professors and lecturers will not be in vain since their presence and speech will make sense to the public in foreign seminars. 

Freedom for the foreign speaker:

The sender, when he counts on someone to interpret him, can fully express himself in his mother tongue and, therefore, does not have to worry about finding words in the language of his listeners to be understood. This gives you more freedom, fluidity, dynamism and comfort to be able to convey the message you want.

Showing consideration for the public:

By hiring an interpreter, you express your concern and consideration for the audience and, consequently, for their enjoyment. In addition, he demonstrates a great commitment to providing everyone with a comfortable position.

Does not compromise the established time of the event:

Simultaneous interpretation occurs concurrently with the speaker’s speech. Therefore, it does not interfere with the event schedule. No one has to worry about delays or offending audiences, which is a great plus point. 

Ensuring effective communication: 

Simultaneous interpreters are professionals who are fully prepared to perform their duties. Their work is not limited to the moment when, from inside a booth, they translate someone’s speech. It actually starts days earlier.

When being hired to cover a congress, a course, a lecture, a meeting, or any other event, the interpreter is informed and studied about the topic to be addressed, as well as the characteristics of the speaker’s speech. Hiring an interpreter is key to successful seminars in foreign countries. Our interpreters in Dubai are available for in-person or remote interpretation needs.

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