Member Retention Tips For Golf Club

The saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” is one that brilliantly explains the significance of focusing on what you have rather than risk losing it by rushing after things you don’t have.

When it comes to sports clubs, especially golf ones, member retention is one crucial aspect that’s hardly given enough attention.

While many spend lots of time recruiting new members, they don’t bother to devote the same energy to keep them.

The absence of sections devoted to member retention in several websites for golf clubs further confirms this.

Retaining members of your golf club is as important as recruiting fresh ones. The real club experience of a member starts the day they sign up.

Depending on the way they perceive the club’s culture, they can decide to quit the very day they join.

Below are four tips that will enable your golf club to have a high member retention rate.

Engage Them As Soon As They Sign Up

Great golf clubs see people as highly significant. Members feel at home when they feel some connection with the staff and other members of the club.

Immediately a new member signs up, engage, and make them feel welcome and comfortable. Keep constant touch with them through regular email updates on happenings at the club. It’ll make them keep coming back.

Create a Profile Survey Section on Club Website

Websites for golf clubs should have a section dedicated to members’ profile survey. In this section, members can provide information about themselves as soon as they join the club. 

Such information may include their preferences and even those of their family members. Doing this will ensure that you plan and tailor events to satisfy all inclinations and foster connections among members.

Give Members Room to Express Themselves

As the golf club manager, you must keep your door and ears open to suggestions from members.

It creates a sense of inclusion and belonging in people when you seek their opinions and consider their suggestions.

An effective way of doing this would be to create a ‘suggestion box’ on websites for golf clubs and strategic physical locations.

Here, members can express their opinions on various matters relating to the club.

Organize Connection-Fostering Programs for Members

Social events have a way of fostering connections and communication among people. Organizing them regularly where members of the club get to meet and socialize is a way of ensuring they never leave.

Meeting and connecting with other members makes them feel a sense of community, especially when the event is attached to meeting a target or purpose.


Member retention is a concept to which the management of every golf club should devote attention. While you make efforts to secure new sign-ups, taking care of existing ones shouldn’t be ignored.

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